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About Us

Nature Recovery in Harleston arose while developing the Neighbourhood Plan.  Local people expressed a wish for the parish to be defined as a Nature Recovery Area.

Redenhall with Harleston Town Council are supporting the community in bringing the wish to life.

What is Community Nature Recovery?

Community Nature Recovery is a very simple concept whereby everyone can get involved, working together with a sense of common purpose.  Everyone does what they can to help nature, supporting each other and sharing ideas.

People are already carrying out actions which support nature recovery - providing food and water for birds, building bug houses, planting pollinating plants or letting a section of their garden grow wild.  It is already happening, and with greater focus and publicity even more people will join in.

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Environmental Land Management

The government are undertaking the most significant reform of agricultural policy and spending in England in decades in a move from the Common Agricultural Policy to Environmental Land Management schemes, designed for our countryside and environment.

There is to be a phasing out of subsidies for land ownership and tenure as farmers and land managers will be encouraged to provide environmental goods and services alongside food production.

Whether as developers, farmers, businesses, organisations or as individuals, this is down to us.


As the initiative develops everyone will be invited to join in with activities, and to play a part in this vital task for the wellbeing of the natural world.

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