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Harleston in Bloom

Bringing colourful flowers to our high street and neighbourhood.

Street Planters

The Town Council supplied and maintain vibrant eco friendly street furniture.  The planters will have seasonal displays throughout the year.  Attractive to both people and wildlife, encouraging nature to return to our town centre.  Hopefully also enticing people to spend more time in Harleston.

Gardens and Alleys

Everyone can play their part in helping nature recovery in Harleston.  From the smallest front yards or alleyway to largest of gardens, we can all plant for nature while providing a wonderful display for all to enjoy.


It would be great to work towards Harleston entering regional and national competitions for our blooming displays.  Together we can do it.

Highway Verges

There are many mile of grass verges throughout the parish which could provide a haven for wildlife.

There are also two prominent roundabouts from the A143 as entry points into Harleston and nearby villages which could provide an attractive welcome to residents and visitors alike.

Together we can do it.

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