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Jubilee Woodlands

The Sancroft Academy are encouraging the next generation to suggest ideas for supporting nature recovery in our parish.

Jubilee woodland longshot_edited_edited.jpg

Green Canopy

Volunteers planted 150 small trees in the cemetery of St Mary's Church in Redenhall.


These are part of the Jubilee Woodlands which recognise and celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  The trees will be listed as part of the national Green Canopy

Pilgrim Apple Tree

A special Pilgrim 400 Apple tree has been planted in the Jubilee Woodlands.  This provides a fitting link with those people from Harleston who courageously set out on the Mayflower ship to New World.


The ceremony was carried out using a spade which was previously used by Her Majesty the Queen Mother in 1982 when she planted a London plane tree in the local Recreation Ground.

Pilgrim 400 Apple Tree, RR.jpg

Wildflower Meadow

Revd Canon Nigel Tuffnell … The Gospels are full of stories of the growth of seeds, the choking of thistles, the beauty of lilies, and the fruitfulness of trees. We have the privilege and responsibility to care for the earth and to tread gently on it.

A wildflower meadow provides a picturesque approach from the cemetery to the woodlands.  It also provides a habitat for local insects and birds.  A place where we can sit and enjoy peace and tranquillity, and appreciate the wonder and benefits of nature.

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