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Plant your Pants

The Country Trust aims for 10,500 children to get their hands in the soil.


Take Part in the Fun

Nature Recovery in Harleston encourage children to join in the fun.

Everyone can take part and together with soil scientists, teachers, families and farmers, build confidence and understanding of why healthy soil is vital to all our lives and find out how we can all help to protect our precious soil.

Register Now

If you are interested, then you will need to register with the Country Trust to join in.  You will be sent an Digital Activity Pack to explain more.

We would like to create our own local record of the pants planting and  digging up.  We will post a selection of photos that you send to us:


Highway Verges

There are many mile of grass verges throughout the parish which could provide a haven for wildlife.

There are also two prominent roundabouts from the A143 as entry points into Harleston and nearby villages which could provide an attractive welcome to residents and visitors alike.

Together we can do it.

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