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Children’s Butterfly Salute

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Children’s butterfly salute launches run-up to the completion of Harleston’s Town centre upgrading celebrations and supporting Nature Recovery Initiative

Pupils at Harleston Sancroft Academy Primary Phase on the Norfolk/Suffolk border have given their own ‘World-Wide Butterfly salute’ to launch the build-up to Harleston Town Centre’s upgrading celebrations and Nature Recovery… WeCan … initiative planned for the 11th March.

The Harleston 'World-Wide butterfly salute' supports the principle of think global, act local.

It involves doing a double thumbs-up, drawing thumbs together, opening fingers and fluttering hands upwards together. It has made its way into the local streets as a greeting.

The pupils are now making hundreds of decorated butterfly cut-outs to be assembled into a giant mobile to be displayed in St John’s Church. Their pledges to help wildlife will also form long displays running around the inside of the building.

The celebrations in March will mark the completion of the extensive project to improve the street scene for pedestrians. They will also bring together Redenhall with Harleston, Town; South Norfolk and Norfolk County Councils to reinforce the message that sustainable communities depend on social, economic and environmental qualities in equal measure.

Thanking the school for their spirited support, Cllr Trevor Graham, Chair of the Town Council highlighted how the three councils working together are delivering vital improvements towards the quality of life and local economy.

"These are the first steps in a journey which can deliver significant improvements to our town as we build on the cooperation between the three Councils, local residents and businesses, with all playing their part. I look to the future with optimism for our town and surrounding area”, said Cllr Graham."

For more information contact: Clare Crane, Town Clerk, Redenhall with Harleston Town Council on 01379 854519.


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