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Have your say and help Norfolk make more space for nature

Norfolk County Council, along with 47 other local authorities, is working on a Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) as part of a national effort to protect biodiversity in England.

A survey has been launched to find out which aspects of nature are most important to people in Norfolk which will help to ensure that the strategy represents local views.

The survey which is open until 30 June asks residents, which aspects of nature are most important to them, where their favourite places to visit in the county are and how easy it is to get there.

The survey will also seek opinions on which habitats and species should be included in the strategy - but you don’t have to be a wildlife expert! Answers will help the council understand what most people think about nature in Norfolk.

By taking part in the survey residents will contribute to the process of creating this incredibly important strategy. Nationwide, wildlife species have declined by 19% since 1970 but luckily her in Norfolk we have more protected spaces for nature than elsewhere. However, these spaces are in isolated pockets that need improving and linking together, protecting them for future generations to enjoy.

Cllr James Bensly, cabinet member for environment and waste, said: “Norfolk's success in the future is predicated on our infrastructure needs while protecting our special environment. That's why this strategy is so important and it's vital that it represents the people that live and work in the county. I encourage everyone to take part in our survey and have your say on the steps we can take to protect nature in Norfolk.”

The 48 strategies being created across England will be put together to form a national ‘nature network’, with each strategy highlighting the most important local habitats and the best places for new habitat to be created.

Residents can take part in the survey online until Sunday 30 June. Visit


This survey comes from the Norfolk and Suffolk Nature Recovery Partnership, a collective of organisations convened by Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils. The Partnership has come together with the goal of supporting and inspiring action for nature recovery across Norfolk and Suffolk through healthier and more resilient natural systems on land and coast.


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