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Swift Conservation, London

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Swift Conservation has been working to save Swifts from extinction for some 20 years now. Working with the British Trust for Ornithology and an alliance of European Swift experts, 'London’s Swifts' was set up in 2003, and later at the behest of the RSPB, went national and international under the new name 'Swift Conservation'. A primary aim is to encourage all people to become active participants in the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources.

"We worked with the community in Harleston some years ago, during the project to help the Swifts there and promote them as a well-known feature of the town. This worked so well that we have used the Harleston example in all our talks as a way of creating a better, happier more successful town using Swifts as a means to bring people together doing good works that benefit everyone, as well as Swifts.

In this way the Harleston Swifts story has been spread far and wide, to amongst many others, the visitors to the Rutland Water International Bird Fair, UK Swift Local Network’s Bristol Conference, BirdLife’s Spring Alive International Seminar on Children, Education and Birds in Bratislava, and to the Spanish Embassy’s COP25 diplomats’ seminar in London.

We are very much looking forward to working again with Harleston, nature recovery is an essential and admirable goal, with wildlife and in particular insects facing what can only be described as an apocalypse; species are now vanishing at the fastest rate now since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Food for thought, and a cause for action."

Edward Mayer,

Swift Conservation, London


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