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River Waveney Trust

The River Waveney Trust is an environmental charity dedicated to improving and protecting the river.

Shotford Bridge Pocket Park.jpg

Pocket Park

The 'Shotford Pocket Park' was set up in the early 2000’s, with steps and a staithe on both sides of the river.


Unfortunately, it was not maintained but became very overgrown until about 2012 when the Harleston branch of the River Waveney Trust felt it needed some TLC. Infact the Suffolk side was completely hidden by branches and nettles! The Norfolk side has always been a popular venue for young people to paddle or swim.  Read more>

Enjoying Nature

Canoeing and fishing.  Maybe an image of canoeing instead of fishing?

Show the success of your hard work


Clearing our River

Show the work of the volunteers that make it all possoble.

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