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What is Nature Recovery?

The Government has set a target to build back nature in a 25 Year Environment Plan which sets a proposal for protecting and enhancing our natural landscapes and habitats.

This was embodied in the Environment Act 2021 which introduced a number of new duties for local authorities which are of relevance to nature recovery and biodiversity.

Local Nature Recovery

The Government appointed County Councils as responsible authorities to lead on preparing Local Nature Recovery Strategies and deliver a Nature Recovery Network across the country​.  They will will set priorities, and propose actions, for nature recovery at all levels within society.

All our collective contributions, no matter how small they seem, will help.  Nature recovery will be constructed both from the top and bottom, from the very large to the very small, including the small steps we take individually at home that together we build into something bigger.  So, let’s all get out there and make it happen.

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Nature Recovery in Harleston

Nature Recovery in Harleston arose while developing the Neighbourhood Plan.  Local people expressed a wish for the parish to be defined as a Nature Recovery Area.  Redenhall with Harleston Town Council set  the wheels in motion and are supporting the community in bringing the wish to life.​

Nature Recovery in Harleston is a very simple concept whereby everyone can get involved, working together with a sense of common purpose.  This is delivered from the bottom up, not through government or large organisations, but by ordinary people.  Everyone does what they can to help nature, supporting each other and sharing ideas.

People are already carrying out actions which support nature recovery - providing food and water for birds, building bug houses, planting pollinating plants or letting a section of their garden grow wild.  It is already happening, and with greater focus and publicity even more people will join in.

Read the full story of a community working together over many years.  

Our Nature Recovery

Nature Recovery in Harleston has caught the imagination of South Norfolk Council who have endorsed the concept across the entire District as 'Our Nature Recovery'.

An important concept of Our Nature Recovery is that it is not dictated or ruled by any layer of government.  While it is important that local councils support and encourage their communities, Our Nature Recovery is driven and delivered by the people themselves.  It is the small actions we all take at home that collectively build into something much larger.

Our Nature Recovery provides a common 'badge' under which communities across the country can show their support for our natural environment.


Whether as developers, farmers, businesses, organisations or as individuals, this is down to us.


As the initiative develops everyone will be invited to join in with activities, and to play a part in this vital task for the wellbeing of the natural world.

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