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Lower Derwent Valley NNR, Yorkshire

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve (NNR) comprises a series of flood meadows, pastures and woodlands supporting a rich diversity of plant species and outstanding populations of breeding and wintering birds.

"Here in Yorkshire we are very interested to see how the Parish Based nature recovery works and if there are lessons that we can learn from your work. We also have an interest in the success of the project as we donated bulk wildflower seed from the meadows in the Lower Derwent Valley NNR for you to reseed the graveyard as part of building back nature, so feel an attachment to your work there, and one which we are keen to feedback to the local communities here.

I just wanted to wish you well in your efforts and please let us know if we can help or be of assistance in your ongoing work."

Craig Ralston

Senior Resserve Manager, Natural England, Lower Derwent Valley NNR


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