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Weybread Sailing Club

At Weybread Sailing club we value the opportunity to access places like our lake for leisure, general well-being, being part of a fun community spirit and learning skills. The lake has been part of a water loving community for over 35 yrs and we hope to preserve this for the future generations of sailors and other water-sports lovers.

Our aim is to offer an accessible and affordable non judgemental club with a supportive, friendly, fun, and relaxed approach.

We are a club for the local community, and it is through our members volunteering for duties that we are able to make improvements and keep the sailing club accessible and affordable. We are truly grateful for that help, without which we could not keep the subscriptions as low as we do. If you, or your children, benefit from our facilities we’d love to see you at one of the work parties during the season, it’s also a great way to meet other members.

"It is important to us personally and as a club, that the natural environment is preserved as best possible alongside human lifestyles and well-being. The body of water, Ocean Pit offers a place of solace, recreation and community to our members and we promote the importance of respecting the nature, wildlife and bird life that is in abundance, by limiting non-motorised craft to safety boats for specific training and keeping membership numbers manageable for the area we are responsible for.

We would like to offer our support for the project in ways we perhaps haven’t thought of without impacting the positives of what we already do.

We look forward to seeing the progress of this project."

Sara Mulhearn and Daniel Johnson,

Weybread Sailing Club


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