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Swift Action

A sub group of Harleston's Future providing nesting boxes for these wonderful migratory birds 

Extinction Fears

There has been a sharp plummet in the numbers of the beautiful bird, with figures dropping by more than 50 per cent since 1995.


Nest-place loss from re-building and development, insect food loss from over-use of agricultural insecticides, increasingly severe weather on migration, long-term droughts, all are pushing their populations to the brink.

Homes Destroyed

Swifts have shared our buildings ever since the Romans came to Britain and the deforestation of the British Isles started. That was when Swifts moved away from nesting in holes in trees and moved into our buildings. Nearly all now breed in old eaves and gables, they cannot use modern buildings as these exclude them.


Unless we help them Swifts will vanish from the UK, and from the World too.

swift and boxes.jpg

We Can Help

Conservation groups across the country and overseas have been established by groups of volunteers who are trying to provide the habitat for these wonderful migratory birds to breed.


Harleston is a swift friendly town and Harleston's Future set up Swift Action who have built and installed nest boxes on buildings throughout the town, even providing special speakers which broadcast swift calls to attract passing birds.

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