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Nature Recovery – WeCan

A Call to Action. Our Town Council takes a lead

Sir David Attenborough hit an environmental nail squarely on the head at the end of his recent Planet programmes. In the face of a crisis for our natural world he looks us straight in the eye with a direct and stark message: 'the future for wildlife is up to every one of us'.

Many are concerned about the massive loss of wild plants and animals, but struggle with how to make a difference when faced with the scale of the problem. But when we join together, all our efforts, small or large, can bring real local change.

Nature is wonderfully resilient, given a chance. Create the right conditions and it will respond. That’s why the Town Council is taking a lead to help our community play its part on the global stage.

The Government has set a target to build back nature in a 25-Year-Plan. However, time is not on our Planet’s side and immediate action is needed. The Town Council has risen to that challenge and this Spring will launch our Nature Recovery - WeCan campaign to unite us in this critical common cause. We must support the wildlife that depends on us. Whether as developers, farmers, businesses, organisations or as individuals this is down to us.

Nature Recovery - WeCan is a 'badge' we can all gather under. Every positive thing we do to help the natural world, from feeding the birds, planting wildflowers, leaving rough areas in gardens to entering farm schemes or including habitats and bird nesting sites in new developments, they will all count. The total effect can be far more than the sum of the parts as change gathers pace.

To kick-start the challenge Harleston Sancroft Academy Primary Phase pupils are preparing a project to highlight the message in the build-up to the formal launch. During early March our Town Councillors will be inviting everyone to join in celebrating the re-vitalising of the town centre in a special event.

Councillor Martin Wilby and District Councillor Jeremy Savage, early supporters of the build-back nature proposals, complimented the Town Council on its vision, adding 'a healthy sustainable community depends on sound social, economic and environmental qualities in equal measure. The Nature Recovery - WeCan. initiative fits perfectly into these principles.'

Words are fine, but what about the action? Our recently adopted Neighbourhood Plan, included Nature Recovery as a vision. To take this forward, the Town Council has set up a Steering Group. Its first project will be the planned seeding of a flower-rich meadow behind St Mary’s Churchyard, in Redenhall. This will bolster the plants and animals in one of the best places for wildlife in the parish, adding a traditional touch of colour to the area.

As the initiative develops everyone will be invited to join in with activities to play a part in this vital task for the wellbeing of the natural world. Watch this space.


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