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Rainbows and Brownies Replant Hedgerow at Church View

In a heart warming community effort, the Rainbows and Brownies recently teamed up with the Town Council Maintenance Team to replant a hedgerow that had been removed on the common land at Church View. The end of April saw these young nature enthusiasts getting their hands dirty, learning about gardening, and making a positive impact on the local environment.

The activity was not only fun but also educational. Many of the participants achieved their gardening badge by actively taking part in this wonderful initiative. They learned about native plants, soil health, and the importance of preserving green spaces. It’s inspiring to see our young members contributing to the beauty and sustainability of our community.

The Town Council extends their thanks to the Rainbows, Brownies, and their dedicated Maintenance Team for their commitment to environmental stewardship. Together, we’re nurturing a greener future for Harleston.



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