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Sancroft Academy

The schools are encouraging the next generation to suggest ideas for supporting nature recovery in our parish.



Pupils at Harleston Sancroft Academy Primary Phase launch Harleston’s ‘World-Wide Butterfly salute’ in the build up to Town Centre’s upgrading celebrations and joint Parish Nature Recovery … …We Can … community initiative.

The first phase of the Nature Recovery …We Can …initiative, themed  ‘Bring back our Butterflies’ will be the early focus for action in the Spring.  

Nature Wall

The Sancroft Academy coursework for Art will include a project which focuses on environmental topics.  In 2022 pupils and teachers from the Secondary Phase repainted the wall on the Recreation Grounds.


The composition evolved over the course of two days with a design focusing on leaves and foliage.  This aligns well with the aspiration of promoting nature recovery within our parish.


Sow to Grow

Nature earth day has been timetabled in each year where the children will embark on activities relating to caring for our world.

A wildflower meadow is to be created to attract insects and provide a nurturing habitat for a variety of wildlife and at the same time, educate the children and provide a space to retreat for mental health and wellbeing.


Butterfly friendly areas with buddleia trees around the school field will be planted and the school pond will be brought back to life with a new wooden bridge and platform to enable pond dipping and secure fencing.

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